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Alzheimer's Disease U.K. diagnosed by region in each of the last five years [179852]

Alzheimer's Disease U.K. diagnosed by region in each of the last five years. [179852]


Alzheimer's Disease

David Simpson: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many people in each region of the UK were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, by region in each of the last five years. [179852]

Norman Lamb: The number of people recorded on practice disease registers is available in the quality and outcomes framework (QOF), published by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). The number of diagnoses are not available but the number of people on the dementia register are available. This is a measure of prevalence rather than incidence.

QOF does not have any information specifically on Alzheimer’s disease and the HSCIC only has information for England.

The numbers on the dementia register in the last five years are given in the following tables. Information for 2008-09 to 2011-12 (table 1) is presented at strategic health authority level and for 2012-13, under the new NHS structure, at commissioning region level (table 2).

QOF registers are constructed to underpin indicators on quality of care, and they do not necessarily equate to prevalence as may be defined by epidemiologists. For example, prevalence figures based on QOF registers may differ from prevalence figures from other sources because of coding or definitional issues. It is difficult to interpret year-on-year changes in the size of QOF registers, for example, a gradual rise in patients on a QOF register could be due partly to epidemiological factors (such as an ageing population) or due partly to increased case finding.

Table 1: Number of patients on the QOF dementia register by strategic health authority in England, 2008-09 to 2011-12
  2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12
England 232,430 249,463 266,697 293,738
North East 13,198 14,034 15,014 16,568
North West 34,057 35,952 38,230 42,158
Yorkshire and the Humber 24,844 26,755 28,845 31,908
East Midlands 20,089 21,625 23,423 25,953
West Midlands 23,866 25,622 27,735 30,386
East of England 25,315 27,591 29,578 31,975
London 24,859 26,745 28,255 31,160
South East Coast 21,442 23,037 24,284 26,419
South Central 18,840 20,044 21,085 23,114

16 Dec 2013 : Column 516W

South West 25,920 28,058 30,248 34,097

Table 2: Number of patients on the QOF dementia register by commissioning region in England in 2012-13
England 318,669
North of England 98,768
Midlands and East of England 96,274
London 33,333
South of England 90,294
Source: Health and Social Care Information Centre.






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